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The eNova Partnership

Chancery Exchange
10 Furnival Street

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Contact Phone: +44 207 766 9879

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Recruiting the very best digital talent is at the core of our boutique offering – Bright and bold individuals with a passion for digital, do you want to join the team?


Our clients have one thing in common.

They understand the importance of the multichannel consumer and the digital transformation journey.

We work with retailers, brands, and other consumer-facing businesses who value our boutique approach.

The length of our involvement with our clients, often counted in years, is the best proof of our credentials.



Multichannel health check and digital propensity modelling, highlighting where Pierre Marcolini have the greatest opportunities from optimising their existing set-up and adding to their multichannel proposition based on customer and market data. This has led to an ongoing digital road map, assistance and monitoring engagement.

Review of the Club’s digital set-up including health check of the multiple websites, customer journey evaluations, resource and structure review and digital engagement across the business.

Definition and prioritisation of the digital roadmap alongside aligning all business functions to work towards a unified Multichannel strategy. This included a mix of direction and insight, structure, PMO, and hands-on help including redefining and relaunching business critical functionalities such as the Collect from Store service.

Overall digital visionning and Digital Transformation programme management, including: Digital roadmap, commercial planning, business case, supplier selection, IT and operational roadmapping, supply chain assistance, click and collect, in store ordering, recruiting, UX/UI, digital marketing.

Various pieces of work including portfolio businesses (Paule Ka, Hallhuber, Frette), and due diligence (Frette, undisclosed others)

Overall multichannel partner. Multiple projects including, click and collect project management, IT roadmaping, business case, general digital advice.

Mapping out of click and collect options and business case.

Various pieces of work including on portfolio businesses (Evans Cycles and Rapha), and due diligence (undisclosed)

Digital roadmap, and ongoing digital assistance and monitoring on behalf of private equity owner Change Capital Partner

Various pieces of work including strategic and technical scopes

Multichannel roadmap, business case, click and collect project management.

Digital business plan

Multichannel initiatives prioritisation and business case

Digital roadmap and digital business case

Multichannel roadmap, project management of website relaunch, click and collect

Ongoing digital assistance and monitoring on behalf of private equity owner Change Capital Partners, including, Monthly KPIs, Digital non-exec role, Website relaunches, international expansion, multichannel visionning, digital roadmap, business cases, IT and operational guidance.

For one of Otto's sub-brands, digital transformation roadmap, organisational change and technical blueprint

Overall digital and eCommerce trading assistance

Website and eCommerce healthcheck

Digital strategic roadmap and business case

Website redesign project management and general digital support

Website redesign project management and general digital support

Ongoing digital assistance and monitoring on behalf of private equity owner Change Capital Partners

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