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The Digital Prioritisation Model

eNova's Digital Prioritisation Model (DPM) is a data driven model developed and tested over 5 years and delivered by a team of senior practitioners who have implemented effective Digital strategies for leading International Retailers.

Retail Prioritisation Model

Delivering cost effective customer engagement with a proven phased approach

Do you know the true cost to serve for your business?
Do you have a have a credible and achievable digital roadmap?
Do you have the right management and teams to deliver your strategy?

We believe that our Retail Prioritisation Model (RPM) can provide your business with the framework it needs to thrive in a digital future.
We’ve applied and refined the approach over the last five years and have designed a 3 phase program to help businesses achieve competitive digital advantage. The RPM is designed to:
  • Ensure strong and scalable foundations are in place
  • Ensure the optimum mix of channels are deployed
  • Prioritise investments based on customer behaviour
  • Understand and reduce cost to serve and unnecessary investment
  • Optimise staff, store estate, IT system and operations
  • Address any digital skills shortfall and improve staff productivity
  • Deliver cost effective customer engagement

The RPM will be developed to meet the specific requirements of each business it is applied to. In general the model is applied in three distinct phases:


A tactical health check delivers the following outputs:

  • Understand Digital propensity of your sector and your customers
    • Benchmarked against peers to give headline indicators of growth and underperforming areas
  • Establish the right foundations are in place for future investment and cost savings
    • Action quick wins
    • Immediate cost savings
    • Tactical revenue improvements + initial plan of action

DURATION: Typically 10-15 days


Insight and analysis phase delivers following outputs:

  • Strategic Growth Roadmap
    • Map customer journeys and touchpoints
    • Establish customer demand and relevance
    • ROI Roadmap based on:
      • Revenue generation and cost to implement and run
      • Mapped operations, IT and resource across each initiative
    • Where and where not to invest
    • Cultural and organisational changes to support the changing customer shopping habits

DURATION: Typically 12 weeks


Establish and understand the true cost to serve delivers the following outputs:

  • Identify duplication in resource, IT and operation
  • Optimise store space
  • Streamline IT
  • Improve stock visibility and logistics
  • Stop non-profitable services
  • Introduce KPIs and targets to reduce cost to serve
  • Attribution marketing to optimise marketing channels

DURATION: Typically 8 weeks

To find out more how the Retail Prioritisation Model can help your business contact us today