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The eNova Partnership

Chancery Exchange
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Recruiting the very best digital talent is at the core of our boutique offering – Bright and bold individuals with a passion for digital, do you want to join the team?


We are Digital Transformation Consultants.

We understand multichannel consumers and the digital opportunity. We know how to shape strategies and transform businesses accordingly. We are a boutique of senior practitionners able to operate at all levels from Board to operations and managing third parties. Our services merge innovation, practical, and financial skillsets to accompany our client every step of the digital transformation journey.


Retail, Investor & Financial Services

We work on all digital and multichannel topics: strategic, technical, commercial, operational, design, organisational, or process-related.




Digital innovation


With our co-founder credited for inventing click and collect we know a thing or two about innovation. The key to our innovation process is to put consumers at the centre of any thinking, whilst always keeping reality in check, suggesting solutions that can actually work within any given framework. Whether we’re thinking of a new way for consumers to shop or experience a brand, shaping multichannel stores of the future, rethinking space and stock, or new ways of navigating the digital maze, give us an innovation challenge, we would love to take it up.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

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One of our bread and butter product, the aim of a digital transformation roadmap is to translate a vision and a multichannel customer proposition, into a step by step practical roadmap. Roadmaps can be of any scale, from the implementation of one product (a website, a new platform, a new delivery proposition), all the way to an entreprise digital transformation programmme. A roadmap is always accompanied by a diagnosis, or discovery phase, touching on the following topics: consumers and marketing, technology and operations, people, and last but not least, numbers. The roadmap is a very practical and iterative excercise with our clients, during which we typically report into the Board to ensure full alignment, whilst liaising with the internal team and operations on the ground to propose realistic solutions. The output of a roadmap is a digital vision and customer proposition embraced by the business, clarity on the steps, efforts, and invesmtent required to achieve it, and a practical plan and business case to bring it to completion.

Multichannel Design

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Multichannel, or the understanding of multi-touchpoint customer journeys, is our core area of expertise. In multichannel design, we help our clients define and shape one or several of the multichannel products: click and collect, in-store ordering, multi-touchpoint returns, or any other. We help navigate the various options from a customer proposition and internal processes point of view, help pick the ones that are right for them, and then go on to put together a business case and a project plan for implementation. A digital transformation roadmap, specific to multichannel.

Business Case

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With one of our founders an ex private equity investor, we understand better than anybody else how multichannel transforms into value creation. We have developed multichannel-specific, detailed business case templates, applicable for corporate as well as private equity clients. Our clients can be as involved as they want to be into the business case process, which typically accompanies another of our products, for example a digital or multichannel roadmap.

Supplier Selection

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Also called “RFP process”, we help our clients select their suppliers, whether these are eCommerce platforms, warehouse management systems, design houses or digital marketing agencies. This involves helping client define requirements in the first place, navigating a long list of options to propose a short list of solutions, and guiding the choice of supplier through our proprietary scorecard templates, the running of a beauty parade, and management of often heavy documentation around requirements.



Consumers and Marketing

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The consumer and marketing side of digital transformation include everything that is customer front-facing. In this role, eNova helps its client project such diverse activities such as website redesigns, advice on digital marketing, customer services, CRM, mobile and social strategies. This can include for example wireframe design, customer journeys and their translation in UX, the selection of suppliers, hardware or software necessary to implement multichannel strategies, deep-diving into digital marketing, redesigning Customer Service or CRM.

Technology and Operations

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One of eNova’s differentiators is the ability to project manage not only on the customer-facing aspects of the digital strategy, but also the technical, technological, and operational ones underlying any multichannel operation. Whilst, importantly, we do not do any of these activities ourselves, we guide our clients through the implementation of a new IT architecture, systems integration, lead technical workshops to assist our clients, rework back end processes to improve Click and collect or in-store ordering, etc.

People and Training

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People are at the heart of any digital initiative. No matter how sleek a website, a click and collect operation, or an app, if it is not embraced by staff in store, and if cultural barriers come in the way, all investment and efforts are wasted, and consumers and brand suffer as a result. We help our clients shape and recruit their team, design organisational change processes, and last but not least, train. We either guide our clients’ internal training teams for digital or multichannel-specific topics, or have developped our own “Digital Bootcamp” programme, tailored to each client. Contact us to hear more.


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With one of our founders an ex private equity investor, we understand better than anybody else how multichannel transforms into value creation. We help our clients with business cases and commercial planning, either as a separate exercise or inputing into their existing budgetting and business planning processes. We think about reporting and KPIs for anything being implemented as critical and liaise with the finance and IT functions to make sure it happens. Known for our “Little Data” approach (quality better than quantity), we are experts at setting up smart KPI frameworks. Finally, we speak the private equity language and can make sure all stakeholders have a set or reporting tools that suits their objectives and language.



eCommerce Healthcheck

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The goal of an eCommerce healthcheck is to improve and optimise the commercial performance of a website, usually measured as its revenues. We look at the main components of performance: Traffic, Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value, and each of their sub-drivers in detail, using a proprietary template of analysis merging our in-house analytical style merging practical and financials approaches. We analyse every aspect of the website and customer journeys, to suggest improvements. We always backup our thoughts with industry reference points and financial outputs. There has never been a case, where this exercise hasn’t generated returns well in excess of the investment for our clients.

Multichannel Healthcheck


The aim of a multichannel healthcheck is to analyse and improve the commercial performance of multichannel initiatives, usually measured in terms of its profitability. Not just a wesbite (see eCommerce healthcheck section), but the entire multichannel customer journeys, as well as the back end operations. A comprehensive review of the whole multichannel machine, from customer-facing front-end aspects, to the plumbing behind! This can be done as one large exercise, or divided into its component parts, for example, customer journey mapping, mystery shopping for click and collect, IT or operational process mapping, etc… One of the main output other than recommendations, is a financial model demonstrating value creation potential for each of the suggested initiatives.

Digital Non - Exec Role

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We have had many of our clients for years. Sometimes, we are not working on specific projects, but operating as a guide and a sounding board on all things digital and multichannel. Much like a “digital non-exec” role, where we become the guardian of the digital ambitions with the senior management team, as well as being available to the operating team for anything they might want our guidance on. This role suits private equity-owned businesses who feel the need for a digital voice on the board particularly well, but it can work for any business. It is one of our most-loved products, both by Boards, and by teams members who value having us on-call whenever they need help or advice.

Private Equity Services

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eNova was born out of the frustration not to find digital advice tailored to the private equity world. With one of our founders an ex private equity investor, we understand better than anybody else how multichannel transforms into value creation, and know how to navigate the private equity mindset. We have developped a suite of products specifically tailored to private equity investors, including due diligence, portfolio work, and the digital non-exec function explained above. Much of our work is with private equity-owned businesses, and we work with funds directly too.

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